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Real-world scenarios often call on children to respond to challenges. The Stay Safe! program teaches applicable and age-appropriate skills while increasing and reinforcing a youth’s capacity to improve his or her own safety. Whether in their community or on their own, this group will be given better tools to Stay Safe! in a variety of different situations.

Topics Covered:

  • Importance of responsibility and respect while being accountable for yourself
  • Importance of setting and following rules around safety when staying on your own
  • How to stay safe at home and within the community
  • How to prepare, recognize and respond to unexpected situations, (i.e. inclement weather, strangers, unanticipated visits) 

First Aid Content:

  • Check, Call, Care (includes phoning EMS/911)
  • Recovery Position
  • Conscious Choking (adult/child/alone)
  • Feeling Unwell
  • Asthma (includes the use of inhaler and spacer)
  • Anaphylaxis (includes the use of EpiPen)
  • Poisoning
  • Insect Stings
  • Wound Care (i.e. minor cuts and scrapes, splinters, nosebleeds, bumps and bruises, life-threatening bleeding, burns) 

Price: $65.00 plus HST

Prerequisite: Ages 9-13

Material: Stay Home! Workbook

**Please note that due to the current COVID-19 restrictions this course is being held virtually. This means we will split the required duration of the course into two online 'meetings'. Please ensure you have access to a phone, tablet, or computer with a reliable internet connection.**

For more information or to inquire about Private course dates please email

Please include the name and email address of the person that will be attending when purchasing a course.

Upcoming Stay Safe! Courses IN CLASS:

October 30th (9:00-1:00) Mansfield
November 21st (9:00-1:00) Mansfield
*Please note a vaccine passport plus ID must be presented to the instructor prior to starting a course for any participant over the age of 12. If you do not have a vaccine passport you will be unable to attend the training.*

*Please add a note to your order with your child's first and last name that will be attending the course for their certification!*