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Rural Rescue Training

Red Cross First Aid & CPR Instructor Course

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Become a First Aid & CPR Instructor with the Canadian Red Cross!

Our Instructor Development Program empowers you to organize and deliver engaging First Aid & CPR courses. Tailored to individual needs, our program emphasizes injury prevention, varied instructional techniques, and personalized learning styles.

Here's How It Works:

Step 1: Evaluate Skills and Prerequisites Confirm your eligibility and understanding of essential first aid skills.

Step 2: Fundamentals of Instruction

  • Online Learning: 8 hours
  • In-Class Training: 14 hours 30 minutes Master instructional fundamentals with online and classroom sessions.

Step 3: Discipline-Specific Training Delve into First Aid and CPR specifics in a 14-hour 30-minute classroom session.

Step 4: Teaching Experience Prepare with online guidance and gain real classroom experience.

Step 5: Certification Earn your First Aid Instructor certification upon completion.

Our course materials include online resources, eBooks, and workbooks. Join us and make a difference in your community!