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Upcoming BLS Public Courses (3 locations)

Orangeville Location: 191 C Line, Orangeville, ON L9W 3W7

Caledon Location: 15666 McLaughlin Rd, Inglewood, ON L7C 1M3

Headwaters Hospital

BLS Provider course includes:

CPR & AED + BVM, AR, Pulse Checking (Adult, Child, Infant)

Description: Basic Life Support (BLS) is the foundational emergency cardiovascular course for all healthcare professionals and first responders intended to help improve patient outcomes. BLS teaches both single-rescuer and team basic life support skills for application in pre-hospital and in-facility settings. Current BLS status is a pre-requisite for advanced resuscitation courses and is also a requirement in most healthcare settings. Basic Life Support Provider course includes the following content:

- Pulse Checking

- Artificial Respiration

- AED (Automated External Defibrillation)

- BVM (Bag Valve Mask)

Completion Requirements: 100% attendance, skills demonstration, and passing grade on the written test.

Certification: 1-year HSFC BLS Provider certification (E-Card).

Duration: Approximately 4 hours 


 Pre-requisite for BLS Renewal Course: 

Only register for a renewal course if you have a current Heart & Stroke BLS certification. If you register for this course and do not have a current certification, the cost to transfer to the correct course will be $5.00.

***The Heart & Stroke also offers a Prerequisite challenge, if you do not have a current Heart & Stroke BLS certification and wish to take the renewal course. To take the challenge please click on the link below.

Register for BLS Renewal Prerequisite Challenge

Description:The BLS Provider (Basic Life Support) RENEWAL course is a fast-paced concentrated course that assumes students have retained the cognitive knowledge learned in the Heart & Stroke BLS Provider course AND can demonstrate skills mastery. There is limited practice and opportunity for remedial coaching. Students MUST come prepared. Participants are expected to be highly proficient BLS providers.

A current BLS Provider Certification is required to register for the recertification. A copy must be emailed to: (before course date). 

If you are uncertain if your BLS certification is current please feel free to contact the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada directly at: 1-877-473-0333

Do you have a current H&S manual?

**Please note there is a new manual for BLS Provider if you do not have a copy of the 2020 BLS Manual you must purchase this before the course. The cost of this book is $30.00 plus HST.

 Heart & Stroke 2020 BLS Manual (CLICK HERE)

Successful completion of this course results in a 1-year certification with the Heart & Stroke.

*In the event you need to cancel, please contact There is a $30.00 administration fee applied to all cancellations.

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