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Heart & Stroke Ontario Canada  


Before you sign up please review the following Heart & Stroke/WSIB mandatory credentials

We offer a blended BLS course (full course option), 4 hours of online training prior to joining us for a 2 hour in-person practical training session. You must take the "full course option" if: 

  • you have never take a Heart & Stroke BLS course
  • your current BLS certification is past its expiration

IF you do have a valid Heart & Stroke BLS certification, you may take the "recertification course option". A recertification course entails 2 hours of in-person practical training.

  • **verification of your current certification is necessary**
You may challenge the Heart & Stroke BLS exam to qualify for the "recertification course" and skip the online.   

Register for BLS Renewal Prerequisite Challenge


**A copy of your current certification or challenge exam completion must be emailed to: (before course date) **

Last thing!...

Please note there is a new manual for BLS Provider if you do not have a copy of the 2020 BLS Manual you must purchase this before the course. The cost of this book is $30.00 plus HST.

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