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Rural Rescue Training

Small First Aid Kit (Youth)

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Introducing our small first aid kits ideal for children! We have these available in two colours, pink and grey, and filled with everything your kid may need whether it's at home, hanging out with friends, on the playground, or playing sports!

Kit (1)
Bandaids (12) 
Triangular Bandage (1)
2x2 gauze pad (4)
Alcohol Wipes (2)
Bite/sting (2) 
Hand Cleaning Moist Towel (1)
Cotton Tape (1)
Individual Gloves (1) 
Roller Gauze (1) 
Mini Ice pack (1) 
Upgrade to Babysitters Club kit with the following add-ons included:
Rural Rescue Patch (1)
Rural Rescue Stickers (3)