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Rural Rescue Training

ES6 Purell Dispenser

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GOJO Purell Hand Sanitizer Dispenser. 

The PURELL ES6 touch-free dispenser is always there when you need it, at the point of care. Unlike bottles that can be misplaced or stolen, the ES6 mounts easily to the wall with included adhesive tape. Place one hand under the dispenser to receive the proper amount of hand sanitizer to effectively kill germs. With the large-capacity refills, you won't need to reorder as frequently. PURELL ES6 dispensers are part of The PURELL SOLUTION - a complete set of soap, sanitizer, and surface disinfectant products designed to provide peace of mind to patients and staff by showing you care about their well-being.

• Always there when you need it

• Automatic dispensing ensures the proper dose

• Saves time so you don’t have to reorder as frequently

Includes batteries.