Combat Application Tourniquet

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When work began on the C-A-T® GEN 7, every element that defines a tourniquet designed for combat use was taken into consideration. The challenge was to find the best, most forward-looking way possible to enhance performance and maximize application success. Leveraging input from after-action reviews, researchers, a material scientists and the end-user, they were able to create the most advanced C-A-T® to date. Every component of the C-A-T® GEN 7 is optimized for performance and reliability.

The C-A-T® GEN 7 has a single routing buckle system that (1) allows for extremely fast application and effective slack removal (2) Simplified training with single protocol directions for all applications.

The patented C-A-T® is a true one-handed tourniquet proven to be 100% effective by the U.S. Army's Institute of Surgical Research.


1 - Single Routing Buckle:

  • Faster application and effective slack removal resulting in decreased blood loss and fewer windlass turns to achieve arterial occlusion
  • Simplified training with single protocol directions for all applications

2 - Windlass Rod:

  • Increased diameter for enhanced strength
  • Aggressive ribbing for improved grip

3 - Windlass Clip:

  • Bilateral bevelled entry for rapid windlass lock
  • Bilateral buttress for added strength

4 - Windlass Strap:

  • Sonic welded to clip for constant contact
  • Colour changed to Gray for tactical considerations (Black C-A-T Only)

5 - Stabilization Bar:

  • Reinforced, bevelled contact bar maintains the plate's integrity and decreases skin pinching;

6 - Free-moving Internal Band:

  • Patented band within band
  • True evenly distributed circumferential pressure