Winter Preparedness & Car Safety

Winter Preparedness & Car Safety

Don’t worry, we were just as shocked about all this snow as you were! Even though it’s almost December I was definitely not prepared. I didn’t even have a snow brush or winter mittens out!

Being winter-ready is so important while travelling, weather can change drastically in seconds. Driving 30 minutes out of Orangeville can cause you to see a complete change in the weather. We want to share a few tips on how you can be prepared for winter driving and the “What If’s”.

Winter Tires

Winter tires are a must in Ontario Canada! When temperatures reach below 7°C driving on anything but winter tires is unsafe. All-season tires will not cut it, they do not have the amount of grip and safety needed for winter driving. In Dufferin County, an average snowfall in January is 24 inches! Winter tires are always at the top of our list to be prepared and keep safe!

Proper Footwear & Attire

You might not always need your snow pants and thermal mitts while driving but it is a great idea to pack extra winter gear in your vehicle if you have to leave your home in any kind of snowfall. Especially if you live in Dufferin or Grey County like our team, we get a foot of snow in seconds it seems. We recommend having an extra set of mitts, hat, socks and a warm blanket just in case!

Ice Scrapers, Brushes & Wiper Fluid

Regardless of the fact that you need to see, it is the law in Ontario to completely remove all snow and ice from a moving vehicle. Keeping a decent brush/scraper combo is key for safe winter driving. Whether it’s an emergency or not, always safely store extra wiper fluid in your vehicle.

Creating Visibility 

If an emergency occurs you want to be seen and/or found. Having your own emergency gear will keep you safe when needed and self-sufficient until more help arrives.  Items include a flashlight and some type of signage to indicate you need help or for others to safely avoid you like flares or reflective triangles. 

Vehicle Rescue

Booster cables, a tow rope and a fire extinguisher are great items to safely secure and store in your vehicle for northern Ontario winters. A booster cable comes in handy for freezing cold batteries. A tow rope if your vehicle slips into a ditch or huge snowbank and a fire extinguisher to potentially extinguish a small vehicle fire. Before using a fire extinguisher, sign up for our training course on how to safely use and extinguish a fire with an extinguisher. You can find our online fire safety training courses here

First Aid Kit

It is very important to have a family first aid kit in your vehicle. Not just a fully stocked first aid kit but a kit that is able to hold any emergency medication that is potentially needed. Emergency meds could include puffers, heart medication or autoinjectors for severe allergies. Check out our selection of first aid kits here Most first aid kits are very basic, the bare minimum of what is needed. Check out Rural Rescue's first aid kits which are packed with everything you need plus many extras. Our first aid kits are packed by first responders who know what is needed and what is not during an emergency. 

Water & Food

Store water in plastic bottles and non-perishable food snacks if the vehicle was ever stranded for a long period of time. This is a MUST with children in the car, parents!


A whistle in case you need to catch the attention of others from a far distance. 

Feminine Hygiene Products

For emergency situations, like if you were stranded in your vehicle or just left home without your bag stocked up for the day ;) We got your backs, ladies!

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