Infant Choking

Infant Choking

Infant Choking is a scary topic that is one of the top reasons parents attend our public first aid training courses. While it is definitely a serious topic it doesn’t have to be scary, being informed, taking preventative measures, and having proper training to deal with an emergency will empower you to act should the need ever arise.

Our new YouTube channel, Rural Rescue Life, aims to provide healthy and safety tips, first aid and CPR demos. Our first video is about infant choking: prevention and reaction. This video provides ways to make your home as safe as possible for your infant, common items to watch out for, proper ways to cut food, and the proper procedure should an emergency arrive.

While these videos don’t take the place of a certification course they are extremely informative, provide a good reminder for first aid training, and can help you feel prepared. Check out the Infant Choking video below and visit our YouTube channel, Rural Rescue Life. If you find the video helpful give us a thumbs up and subscribe for new videos every Tuesday! 


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