Meet Our Team!!!

Meet Our Team!!!

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Attn. Savanah,
Hello Savanah,
Keith Lowry suggested I contact you to determine if you might offer some advice and/or guidance.
My wife and I, too, live in Mulmur. Have done for over 30 years on 10 Sideroad. Unfortunately for the past few years I have needed the daily help of a PSW. These have been provided by the Provincial Gov.t via the LHIN/HCSS and an Agency. In recent months it has become increasingly difficult to find PSWs willing to visit rural clients/patient and comply with LHIN/HCSS time constraints. Fortunately I now have a PSW who resides in Orangeville who would like to become an ‘Independent Operator’ offering in Home Care but needs some guidance as to how best to go about it. I recognise Personal Support is not your focus, but Keith thought you might be prepared to chat.
Thanks for your time.
Tony Tel: 519 925 0337

Tony Howard

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