What is a choking hazard | Test for choking hazards

What is a choking hazard | Test for choking hazards

Accident prevention is the best way to keep our little ones safe.  As parents we must maintain a safe space for our curious babies! A great way to understand what is a choking hazard and what is not...is the toilet paper roll test!

Anything that can slip through the centre of a toilet paper roll, a baby or child under 4 has the ability to choke on. Use a toilet paper roll to make sure your home and free play areas are safe!

Times when to use the toilet paper roll test...

-almost everyday to avoid choking accidents

-before setting baby on the ground to crawl around, clear all small objects

-while sorting through toys in a playroom, especially if you have older children and a new baby starts crawling, its best to separate big kid toys and safe toys

-when visiting friends or family

Don't worry, the more you practise the idea of the TP test you wont have to carry around an old roll lol!

Try to remember to take small preventative steps everyday, this will help you not feel overwhelmed and set you up for a life time of safety!


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