Rural Rescue's Covid-19 Response

As the province begins to open up and restrictions are eased, Rural Rescue continues to actively monitor the situation and strives to create the safest environment possible for all of our students, instructors, facilities, businesses, and anyone else we come in contact with. Rural Rescue's policies include:

Courses: Rural Rescue is pleased to announce that moving into Stage 3 and beyond there will be more opportunities for in-person teaching with larger groups. We will continue to monitor this situation and adhere to physical distancing when ever possible, mask mandates for in-class participants, and proper disinfection of all equipment. Rural Rescue will continue to offer virtual first aid training when ever possible.

Rapid Testing: Rural Rescue is proud to be taking part in the Rapid Testing Initiative offered by Dufferin Board of Trade. This initiative allows us to test our instructors before courses to help ensure everyone's safety.

Covid Screening Protocol: Rural Rescue has created a covid-19 screening questionnaire based on the advice of Public Health that all participants and instructors must fill out and pass 24 hours prior to every course. 

Personal Protective Equipment: Rural Rescue has masks, Health Canada approved disinfectant, Health Canada approved sanitizer, gloves, and more equipment readily available. Should any participant need PPE it will be provided to them.