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We hope this cool cat made you smile! Other than the "coolness" factor, sunglasses and eye protection is so important for us all! Babies skin around their eyes and eyelids are more delicate and sensitive to sunburns. And until about age 10, the lens of a child's eye is clear, which results in higher UVR (ultraviolet rays) penetration. According to the Benioff Children's Hospital, retinal exposure to UVR is associated with cataracts and macular degeneration, which can both cause vision impairment. Babies under 6 months should not be exposed to direct sun and after 6 months babies and children should...

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Choosing the right first aid course can be daunting if you've never taken the training before and you want to make sure you get the proper certification. Different courses meet different WSIB provincial regulations, contain different levels of CPR training, and are required for different professions. In this post we will cover the two main types of first aid training; Standard First Aid vs Emergency First Aid, as well as the different levels of CPR; CPR‐A, CPR‐C, and BLS.  Standard First Aid Training This is the most common level of first aid certification as it meets most requirements the province...

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